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FAH Chartered Accountants provides clients with the best in professional taxation services.
As expert taxation specialists, we provide our specialist taxation service to businesses and organisations of all sizes, including sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. Our team are also available to advise and manage the tax requirements of individuals and families.

Some of the tax services we provide include:

  • Family Tax Planning

  • Inheritance tax

  • Personal Tax

  • Business Tax Planning

  • Business Tax

  • Company Tax Planning

  • Tax Consultation

  • Disclosure to Revenues

  • Revenue Interventions

  • Negotiation of Revenue Settlements

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Business Taxation Specialists

Our business taxation specialist ensures that all necessary business structures are in place to help a business mitigate potential liabilities in areas like Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax, Stamp Duty, VAT and Capital Acquisitions Tax.

Our business clients receive a professional taxation accountancy service that is customised to fulfill their tax obligations and make sure they are taking advantage of all tax benefits or breaks they are entitled to.

Personal Taxation Services

Our Taxation expert works directly with individuals and families. We ensure that an individual’s personal taxes are prepared in accordance with all regulatory legislation. Our services incorporate any tax reliefs the individual may be entitled to.
We tailor our taxation services to the unique needs of the individual client.

Tax Planning

Our taxation expert works directly with the client to ensure that all incoming revenue and outgoing transactions are planned in advanced.
This service is built around a tax minimisation methodology and is effective when an individual or organisation is considering retiring or selling a business, transferring a property, gifting an individual or family member a sum of money or making an investment.

Remote Taxation

For individuals outside Ireland, we provide a full remote taxation service.
Remote clients receive the full benefit of our professional taxation services. Our team prepare and file all necessary financial records and returns.
We also prepare and submit all Revenue paperwork on behalf of the client.


Our team of taxation accountants have experience dealing directly with Revenue Commissioners on behalf of our clients. This includes navigating Revenue audits and organising voluntary disclosures to regulate the past tax affairs of a business or company.
We can negotiate settlements with the Revenue on behalf of our clients.

We guarantee clients absolute discretion when discussing their business or individual tax affairs.

Chartered Tax Consultant Tax Qualification

In 2016, our principal was awarded 1st place in the prestigious Chartered Tax Consultant Applied Tax module. In 2017, our principal was awarded 1st place in the Chartered Tax Consultant Integrated Tax module.

Some of the topics covered in this course included:

  • Income Tax

  • Corporation Tax

  • Capital Acquisitions Tax

  • VAT and Stamp Duty

  • Succession Planning

  • International Tax