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For additional information on our professional auditing service, get in contact with FAH Chartered Accountants today


FAH Chartered Accountants are recognised as Registered Auditors with Chartered Accountants Ireland.
Our team provides clients with a full auditing service, which ensures that a company is in compliance with statutory obligations consistent with the size of the company.

Speak to us about our cost-effective auditing service, which provides valuable feedback to shareholders and other company stakeholders.

Auditing also ensures that a company's auditing and accountancy standards are in accordance with all regulatory legislation. 

A comprehensive audit can reveal strategies to improve how a business or organisation can make improvements to existing risk assessments, financial accounting and financial reporting monitoring systems.

For more information on the benefits of auditing, get in contact with FAH Chartered Accountants today.

Benefits of Auditing

The identification of internal weaknesses
A full audit can potentially identify weaknesses in a organisation's pre-existing accountancy procedures. Once these weaknesses are identified, strategies can be put in place to improve the accountancy services.

Improvement of an Organisation’s Creditability
By submitting to an audit, an organisation or business increases the credibility of all published financial information. It also reassures tax authorities, employees, customers, shareholders and potential investors of the accuracy of an organisation’s published financial information.

Fraud Risk Reduction
A full and frank audit ensures that a business’s reporting is an accurate reflection of the internal structures and processes of the organisation. The accuracy of this information reduces the potential for fraud.

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