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For the best advice and recommendations related to insolvency, solvent liquidations and debt restructuring get in contact with FAH Chartered Accountants today.


FAH Chartered Accountants are qualified and experienced in members voluntary liquidations and creditors voluntary liquidations. We can advise clients on restructuring their debt. Our insolvency expert can negotiate with financial institutions on behalf of our clients. We also advise on the most effective business exit strategies.

To schedule an appointment with FAH Chartered Accountants, get in contact with our offices today.

Solvent Liquidations

A solvent company may go into liquidation because:

-The company has no future or purpose but has a number of valuable assets
-The director or the company’s shareholders want to transfer cash and assets to themselves
-The director may be starting a new company

FAH Chartered Accountants can provide expert assistance to companies who are entering solvent liquidation.

Working through financial documents

Debt Restructuring

FAH Chartered Accountants can assist individuals, organisations and businesses restructuring their debt. Our expert team have years of experience negotiation with financial institutions -- including Revenue Commissioners – on behalf of clients.

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